The Future of Golf

The World’s Most Advanced Indoor Golf Simulation Technology

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The Simulators

Two finely-tuned models with technology that is simply in a league of it’s own.

With over 10 years of research and development and 16 significant global patents, X-Golf simulators are the result of impressive engineering designed to re-create ball flight to within 98% accuracy and deliver insights on your game.

Play the world’s top courses, enjoy a number of game formats and competitions, practice at the driving range, analyze your swing, be totally entertained.

Accuracy is Everything

Sophisticated engineering, digital intelligence and stylish workmanship integrate into the seamless design of X-Golf simulators, guaranteeing their use as a precision training tool or an immersive golfing experience.

X-Golf hardware is unrivalled in it’s ability to measure and analyze raw data at and around the impact zone rather than the commonplace method of ‘reverse engineering’ which relies heavily upon software that assumes what happened at impact.

Combine this with the only 64 bit software platform on the market and you have an incredibly powerful simulator on your hands

Think Beyond the Green

Re-imagine the traditional game.

As the modern world faces accelerated urbanization, the spread of digital technologies and increased pressures on time and space, the game of golf – one of the world’s oldest sports – is embracing change.

X-Golf’s elite virtual concept takes on the sophistication of the real game on your terms, however you imagined, in any space.

Perfect in a hotel, residential or commercial development, private villa, golf club or retailer, sportsbar, airport and at events.

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