X-Golf’s state-of-the-art technology measures ball and swing data to an unrivalled 98% accuracy. Our R & D department has spent over 15 years engineering a sophisticated combination of laser, light, impact and camera sensory technologies to collect raw data at and around the impact zone.

Combined with incredible computing power and custom-built 3D graphics software, X-Golf is the smartest kid in class. This new technology measures not only the motion vector of the golf ball, but also the movement of the golf club such as path, angle of attack, trajectory and velocity. Following the laws of physics, these measurements allow us to perfectly replicate the golf ball flight (fade, draw, hook, slice). The X-Golf technology does not stop there with the impact sensor measuring fat or thin shots, tops and all the things that can go wrong when playing off real grass. With so many choices on the market, our simple advice is to go out and try them all. The accuracy of our technology is second to none.



The X-Series

Introducing an enviable fleet of market-leading features to seriously enhance the golfing experience.

X-Golf's patented automatic ball retrieval and tee-up system


Standard in every X-Golf Simulator, this advanced, patented X-Ball system gathers the ball for you and tees it up at the exact height you require. X-Ball then memorises the tee height for each player and automatically re-adjusts each time to ensure ease and speed of play. The days of hitting balls into nets & screens and then physically collecting them are finished.

X-Golf's patented moving floor plate to replicate the course undulations


The unique X-Plate system detects the true course ground slope during a round and automatically adjusts the slope to mimic reality. You can also manually adjust the slope to practice uphill, downhill and side hill lie shots.


Weight transfer is the foundation upon which the whole golf swing is built. Arm yourself with the knowledge of yours, and perfect it. X-Balance enables you to analyse your weight distribution and transfer during your swing to an incredible 99%+ accuracy. It measures in all directions.


X-Birdie fine-tunes your performance. X-Birdie is our market-leading analysis system that captures and de-codes complex data relating to your swing, from start to finish.

X-Birdie measures club speed, club path, impact point and pressure, launch angle, ball speed, side spin, back spin, ball trajectory, carry and distance. Catching it all on film, you can review in slow motion and step motion detail. It also interfaces with X-Balance, delivering insights on your weight distribution at set-up and during your swing. The swing cameras used are 300 frames per second, which is market leading for step motion analysis. The elite combination of all this information allows for effective club fit and comprehensive teaching or practicing.  



X-Unity gives you a profound sense of reality.

Experience the striking graphic effects of leaves trembling in the breeze, clouds floating and water rippling, the course undulations and true ball movement (like course impact effects, carry, spin & run out).

Play on 50+ international courses, practice on the driving range, compete in longest drive, nearest to the pin competitions and putting games.

A fun and colourful new ‘moonlight’ fantasy course has also been specifically designed to engage kids and beginners.

World Class Course Selection
Stunning High Definition Graphics


Both the NEX & EYE Falcon Simulators come standard with a substantial and fully customized booth structure to house the simulator. Sizing is reasonably flexible. The booth utilises a bespoke frame, memory foam, sound cancelling interior curtains and sound proof screen. This structure also consists of a rebound cancelling ramp structure for safe, efficient and seamless ball return. The X-Golf team places great importance in delivering a first class experience, and we can work with you, your architect or interior designer to ensure we adapt to your space requirements and align to your design aesthetic. Once installation is complete, we provide on-site training and ongoing support. We may also challenge you to a round of golf, so be ready.

Best home golf simulator


Please feel free to contact us directly if you would like more information on the X-Golf products or services.